Impart design-led creative thinking to students across more disciplines

Recommendation 2
Impart design-led creative thinking to students across more disciplines


Unlike the linearity of the conventional way of problem-solving, design-led creative thinking, such as the design thinking process, is iterative in nature. It helps nurture a mindset in users that prototyping and repeated experimentation is a necessary step in improvement rather than a point of failure. This ability to rapidly innovate solutions to complex issues will increasingly become essential, making design-led creative thinking a valuable and relevant life skill.

Design-led creative thinking can be learnt most effectively through transdisciplinary collaborations when practitioners of different disciplines work together to understand, ideate, and experiment to solve real-world problems. Many IHLs offer transdisciplinary platforms and programmes that support the learning and cultivation of design-led creative thinking. Examples include the Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Design Odyssey programme, and the Singapore Management University’s SMU-X programme.

a. Promote transdisciplinary platforms to cultivate design-led creative thinking

The DERC recommends that IHLs build on their existing efforts and incorporate programmes and platforms for students from different schools to learn and practise design-led creative thinking together within their core curriculum.

Pilot Programme: “Let’s Design Together”

Singapore Polytechnic will pilot a programme called “Let’s Design Together”, through an elective module in the new academic year starting in October 2019. This credit- bearing, semester-long programme brings together students from the polytechnic’s different participating schools to solve real-world issues through design-led approaches with industry partners. Findings from this pilot will be shared with other IHLs for consideration, should they wish to incorporate a similar platform within their core curriculum.


The DERC’s second recommendation is to impart design-led creative thinking skills for students across more disciplines. 

This can be done by:
a. Promoting more transdisciplinary platforms within the curriculum to enable the cultivation of design-led creative thinking.

SP will pilot this recommendation via its “Let’s Design Together” programme.