Let's Design Together

Pilot Programme: Let’s Design Together
This pilot programme is under Recommendation 2: Impart design-led creative thinking to students across more disciplines.


To test out this recommendation, SP will be the first polytechnic to prototype a transdisciplinary design-learning programme in their curriculum. In the academic year 2019, SP will run the “Let’s Design Together” programme as a semester-long, credit- bearing module. Called the “Transdisciplinary Innovation Project”, it brings together students from different schools in SP to solve challenges given by industry partners. A common timeslot will be set aside for students to participate in this programme.

The first stage of planning involves getting industry partners to provide briefs for the students. These partners will also offer industry perspectives, technical expertise, and mentorship throughout the course of the project. Students will first learn the theoretical principles of design-led creative thinking before applying them on the brief. In this process, they will conduct field work, research, define problem statements, ideate, prototype and present their ideas. Students are trained to employ design-led creative thinking to come up with an engineering or business solution. This nurtures a creative and growth mindset in students and helps them make a difference to their community. It also sharpens their design sensibilities and help them gain a better appreciation of how design can impact upon their daily lives.

The value of this programme in effectively imparting students with design-led creative thinking skills and other non-design skills can be assessed by gathering feedback from students, facilitators, industry partners, and mentors. The findings will be shared with other IHLs should they wish to create a similar programme.

The DERC envisions this recommendation to provide a foundation for nurturing a workforce with design-led creative thinking competencies across different levels of disciplines. It will deepen the skills of the Design Specialist, and provide platforms to nurture Design Integrators and Design Multipliers. Such a collective upskilling of a nation will drive industry transformation, and ensure that Singapore can thrive in the future economy.


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