Design Accreditation Framework

The DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) is constantly developing ways to grow the design industry in Singapore. It has programmes that help profile the talents and capabilities of both designers and design companies and schemes to help them access higher learning to help enhance their skills and prepare them for challenges presented by the evolving design industry.

Another Dsg initiative is design accreditation. Its objective is to raise the professional standards of design practitioners. As the Singapore economy matures and the demand for design services increases, the need to advance the professionalism of design services becomes imperative.

Dsg consults with associations of the design industry, to understand their respective members’ readiness as well as receptivity to accreditation. Following extensive study and consultation, landscape architects would be the pilot group to be accredited. Dsg will examine the feasibility of accrediting practitioners from other design sectors.

With Dsg’s support, the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) has established the Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme. Its objective is to raise the professional standards of landscape architects practising in Singapore. 

Further information on the Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme and its Continuing Professional Development courses here. 

Directory of Accredited Landscape Architects here.